Senator Joan B. Lovely
State Senator
2nd Essex District


March 22, 2018

Senator Joan Lovely receives the Frederick E. Berry Early Intervention Champion Award


(Boston) – The Massachusetts Early Intervention Consortium (MEIC) presented Senator Joan Lovely with this year’s Frederick E. Berry Early Intervention Champion Award.

MEIC cited Senator Lovely’s work to sponsor and advocate for the Early Intervention amendments each budget session and her constant support and leadership ensuring that over 40,000 children and families receive the EI services they need each year, as reasons for the award.

“It is an honor to receive the Frederick Berry Early Intervention Champion Award. Former Senate Majority Leader Fred Berry was a tireless and effective advocate for so many during his tenure in the State Senate,” stated Senator Joan Lovely. “I am truly humbled by this award, not only because of who it’s named after but because of what it represents.”

MEIC created this distinguished award to honor Senator Berry, EI’s champion in the Legislature for more than 30 years. More than half a million children received Early Intervention services thanks to Senator Berry’s unwavering leadership and support. His unparalleled contributions to the EI system continue to positively impact generations of children and families.

“It is critical to ensure access to affordable and quality early intervention services for young children at risk of developmental delay or disability. We know that for so many kids, early intervention is a difference maker having a prolonged impact on a child’s success. The likelihood of successful intervention is greater if EI services are provided as early as possible and we know that EI is a necessary and sound long-term financial investment in our future,” added Senator Lovely.