To: The Salem News
From: John Keenan & Joan Lovely
RE: Transportation Investment
Date: 16 July 2013

Transportation Investment to Play Crucial Role on Local Level

To the editor:

We write today to express our thanks to the public officials, elected leaders, and constituents of Salem for their cooperation during the planning, design, and forthcoming construction of the MBTA Intermodal Station in downtown Salem. As we approach the anticipated construction start date of July 22nd, we are mindful of what an important investment this is for Salem and for our local economy—along with the MBTA garage already under construction in Beverly, it will further ensure the convenience of the North Shore. Given the difficult budgetary challenges facing the state, we take pride in these investments being made in our region and the consideration that transportation deserves to foster the economic well-being of our Commonwealth as a whole.

Our transportation system in Massachusetts has real and immediate needs which we have tried to thoughtfully address in our current budget while minimizing the impact on our businesses and families. The Massachusetts Legislature is in deliberations to enact a balanced bill that solves long-standing financial problems within the Commonwealth’s transportation system. We aim to protect the public from carrying too great a share of the financial burden while also creating the revenue necessary for a first class transportation system.

The $800 million plan we have submitted to the Governor for review will improve the current system while also allowing for infrastructure improvements and future expansion. It aims to allow for meaningful investments with lasting economic benefits for residents, visitors, and businesses. To have a sustainable road, bridge, or transit system, we have to invest in it now to best serve ourselves and future generations.

We are committed to the long-term sustainability of our transportation system and to the economic viability of our constituents and our Commonwealth. We look forward to seeing the great result that will be the Salem Intermodal Station, and again we thank you for your support and cooperation during construction.

Joan B. Lovely
State Senator
2nd Essex District

John D. Keenan
State Representative
7th Essex District – Salem

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